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Tips on Successful Affiliate Promoting

Here is a list of some of the ways you can start getting the word out and start generating some commissions:-


There are loads of social media sites these days and you probably have accounts on a few of them already. Facebook and Twitter are two of the best for sharing what you’re getting up to. You can quickly let all your followers and friends know about QuinnBet by using your affiliate link and explaining what we are about.


If you don’t have a very big following on Twitter or Facebook, not to worry because you can easily start to build this up promoting QuinnBet to your existing followers and using relevant hashtags to make sure your posts are easy to find and engage with people who have shown an interest in Sports or Online Betting. Another way to get followers is to follow other people that are likely to be interested in becoming customers of QuinnBet. Make use of the other social media sites out there too like Instagram, Google+, Pinterest etc


Do you have an email list of customers or friends? Drop them an email with your affiliate link and tell them about QuinnBet. People are much more likely to sign up if they get a recommendation from someone they know and trust.


Forums are a great way to let people know about QuinnBet. People who are interested in sports and sports betting are going to be very interested in QuinnBet, so why not let them know about us and get a few commissions while you are at it.


Youtube is a fantastic way to reach a huge audience. Potentially thousands or millions of people could see your videos so there is a huge market of potential commissions. You could create a video reviewing QuinnBet’s website and telling people about our various offers. Always remember to add your affiliate link to the video description.




Setting up a website is easier than you think. You can very cheaply get a simple website by signing up to a web hosting company and many online companies offer a free startup service. Once you have a site set up, a great way to generate ongoing commissions is to have a permanent link on your site to using the banners from our Affiliate media gallery.


So now you know how to get the word out, what’s stopping you? Sign-Up today. becoming a QuinnBet affiliate is a fantastic way to add another dimension to your monthly earnings and we look forward to assisting you.

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